Don't Rain on My Parade

You wake up to birds chirping, sunlight streaming through your window, a slight breeze playing with the curtains. The outdoors beckon. You scarf a quick breakfast, grab your gear, swing the door open to enjoy the glorious day, and in typical Bozeman style, it's started to rain. Now what? Don’t let the rain get you down. If the weather annihilates your outdoor plans, here are a few ideas to keep the cabin fever at bay.

Plant an Indoor Succulent Garden
If you’re like me, and everything you touch dies, then these are the plants for you. Native to desert areas, succulent plants are virtually indestructible. They come in various shapes and sizes, and their colorful leaves and flowers will brighten any room, especially on those dreary days. Get creative and use teacups or kettles as flowerpots, or hang them from the ceiling. Because these plants are so hardy, feel free to experiment and make a project out of it.

Try Out a New Recipe
Looking to fry up some fresh trout? Stumble across a new recipe you’ve been dying to try? Got some elk in the freezer you’re willing to experiment with? Get your family and friends together as your guinea pigs and cook ‘em up a little surprise. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a free meal and good company? Turn your rainy day into a fun gathering for all. And, if you’re successful, you’ll get to expand your cooking repertoire.

Indoor Activities Around Bozeman
Bozeman isn’t good just for its outdoor fun. There are multiple places in town where you can find the thrill you’re looking for without getting wet. Try go-karting with your friends at Full Circle Racing in Four Corners. After your 10-minute race, you receive a copy of your race stats, so you can see who the fastest go-karter on the track really is. (Loser buys beers!) Go indoor climbing at Spire Climbing Center. Whether you’re an expert climber or a newbie who has no idea what you’re doing, Spire has enough route variety to satisfy all skill levels. Enjoy a casual day with some friends, or take a class. After a day of fun, head out with some friends, grab a few drinks, and shoot some pool. If there’s one thing Bozeman is not lacking, it’s a thriving downtown that will party on regardless of the weather. 

Take a Drive
Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to keep yourself cramped up indoors. Climb in your cramped car instead and explore the area. There are a multitude of backcountry roads around the Bozeman area, and you can find something new every time you head out. Bring your camera along—rainstorms open the door for amazing photographic opportunities if you’re willing to look for them (and get a little wet). Don’t be afraid to explore. Some of the coolest places I’ve found have been by turning onto an inconspicuous dirt road I would have otherwise missed. Just be sure to watch out for trespassing signs.

Lewis and Clark Caverns
If the weather isn’t treating you right in Bozeman I've got two words for you: road trip! Only an hour away, the Lewis and Clark Caverns provides an easy, informative hike under the protection of tons of rock. You’ll get that hike you wanted while remaining dry. A great adventure for the whole family.

Rain? What Rain?
Born and raised in southwest Washington, I laugh in the face of rain. Anything short of a torrential downpour does little to keep me inside. If you're feeling especially adventurous, don’t be afraid to get a little wet. Make sure to bring layers (you know how quickly the weather changes around here), clothes you don’t particularly care about, and a good attitude (being wet for hours on end can break even the strongest of nerves). Rain tends to make simple tasks more difficult, so a little patience goes a long way.

There are few things more disheartening than having your springtime plans ruined by uncooperative weather. Although your sunny day dreams may be crushed, it doesn’t mean your day is ruined. Rainy days are not hindrances, but opportunities to do new things, get together with friends, and get out of your routine.

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