Susan Ewing, October 2014

The Lookout
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Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 3:50pm Susan Ewing

Fall's eight-legged neighbors.

I wander out to my garage at odd hours to stare at her, fascinated and giddily horrified. She’s usually lurking near the center of an enormous web that covers the entire window: the biggest, fattest spider I’ve ever seen. Her grossly bulbous abdomen is about the size of a cocktail onion, and looks like a cross between a puffball mushroom and the carapace of a Dungeness crab, with two nippled points.

I first noticed her before her abdomen ballooned, just a very large, lanky spider in what looked like leopard tights, stretched out in a plank position on the web. The window she has commandeered is fly-spotted, filthy, and strewn with dead insects. Location, location, location.

cat-faced spider, Bozeman, overwinter

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