Mike England, March 2012

The Lookout
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Monday, March 5, 2012 - 10:28pm Mike England

On its own, 30 pounds isn’t much—think of a microwave oven, or a two-year-old child. Add those 30 pounds to your barbell after eight minutes and two rounds of snatches, though, and it might as well be an engine block.

Just ask Josh, who cranked out 60 reps in perfect power-snatch form: bend at the waist, lift straight up, pop the hips, bend at the knee, lock out arms, stand erect. 30 reps at 75 pounds, 30 reps at 135 pounds. Smooth. Fluid. Efficient. Then came 30 more pounds, and on the third rep the six-foot-tall, 185-pounder buckled under the weight, collapsing to the floor as the barbell crashed down in front of him.

Bridger CrossFit JoshAround the room, a half-dozen sweat-soaked men and women bend, lift, thrust, and arch their way through ten minutes of hell. Chests heave and faces contort from the strain. They battle the weight, they battle their lungs, they battle the clock. Guttural cries punctuate the cacophony of clanging weights, thumping radio beats, and the undulating roar of the crowd.

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