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Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 11:39am Melissa Cronin

Biking after dark.

Riding at night seldom begins in the dark. The ride starts in the evening, but as the days get shorter, it concludes after nightfall. Sometimes, shit happens, and two flat tires and a broken chain later you're picking your way back to the car by the light of the crescent moon and the toy of a headlamp that was only intended for campfire games of Cards Against Humanity. But somewhere along the way, in the dark, it becomes obvious that this misadventure is kinda fun and would be oodles more fun with better headlamps and good friends who like to laugh and get a few cheap thrills. A new creature of the night has been born. 

Night Biking, Bozeman Biking, Bozeman Pedal Project

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