Lilly Brogger, November 2015

The Lookout
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Monday, November 23, 2015 - 7:51am Lilly Brogger

Elk hunting, family history, and connection.

“Take me to the place I know, where the golden ryegrass grows, and the winds of heaven do blow…”

These words organize themselves in my mind and trail off as I blunder over fallen trees in the dark, thinking of where I'm bound. Clouds of grainy snow blowing into my face, I readjust my rifle to prevent it from slipping off the shoulder of my wool jacket. Finally, we are just a few yards from the treeline where rest awaits.

The wind blows as usual, and the golden ryegrass thrashes back and forth. Shivering, I rest my gun on the shooting sticks, waiting for light. As the sun begins to rise, colors dance over the landscape, making every feature jump out, like a live topographic map. Entire hillsides become illuminated while shadows fill the void between. My dad leans up against a tree, glassing for elk. The new light casts warmth upon us, a relief from the cold that comes with hiking and sweating. 

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 7:10am Lilly Brogger

Getting a bird's-eye view of Bozeman.

Heart racing, I took control of the plane. My left hand trembled on the yoke as I pushed the throttle to full power with my right, causing the plane to lurch across the runway. As we gained speed, I eased the yoke forward, lifting off the ground—we were airborne.

Though I felt like part of some top-secret mission, I was actually doing an introductory flight with Summit Aviation. As a college student, I tore a coupon out of the MSU Pocket Guide and was able to give flying a try for less than the cost of Big Sky ski pass. The plane was a little Diamond DA20, designed for training. Josh, my flight instructor, had his own yoke to keep me lined out.

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