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Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 7:28pm Jenny Sheets

Using imagery to influence growth in Gallatin County.

We see chain stores expanding down North 19th and housing developments named "Quail’s Egg" and "Fantasia" creeping west across the valley, and it's easy to become distressed and lost in Gallatin County’s whirlwind development. With a political system where representatives are elected to speak for us, it’s also easy to believe in the demise of the individual voice.

But here in southwest Montana, there are plenty of individuals with voices waiting to be heard, and plenty of things to speak up about. We're lucky to have Gallatin Growth Solutions (GGS), a local organization designed to listen to the people. GGS works to actively engage community members in a “constructive dialogue” with local leaders, encouraging citizens to be honest about the values and resources they deem most important in our county.

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