David Tucker, September 2015

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Sunday, September 13, 2015 - 12:42pm David Tucker

Tips and reminders for the season.

by Marna Daley

With general rifle season approaching, the U.S. Forest Service hopes you have a good hunt and offers some tips and reminders in order to protect your natural resources and make your visit more enjoyable.

Pick Up a Motor Vehicle Use Map
Motorized Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) outline designated road and trail systems and are free at any of the Custer-Gallatin Forest ranger district offices or online at fs.usda.gov/gallatin or fs.fed.us/r1/custer. Remember: if there is no numbered route marker, the road or trail is closed. In addition, there are a few roads and trail closures that go into effect during the spring and fall seasons, so check the MVUM or call your local ranger district office before heading out.

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