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Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 12:27pm Dave Reuss

The cold is aggressive, almost predatory. Within seconds, any exposed flesh begins to sting and ache, go numb. Without goose down and Gore-Tex, you’d die in minutes. People aren’t designed to be in Hyalite in the winter. And definitely not at 11pm.

Headlamps are laser beams

—Christ it’s cold. Where’s the schnapps? someone asks.

The last cross-country skiers have driven off in their Subarus and the last ice-fishing lanterns have been extinguished on the frozen reservoir. There’s nothing left but six friends, five sleds, and four thermoses of cocoa spiked with booze.

We brought nearly a dozen headlamps, but they stay in the car. Once the moon has crested the treeline, the entire field is bathed in pale moonlight.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 1:19pm Dave Reuss

Your lungs pump diesel exhaust, and your legs are just meat you’re trying to stand on.

It’s day one of the CrossFit Games. Around the world, 55,000 people are competing against you. Today’s workout is seven minutes of burpees, as many as you can. Just drop facedown on the ground, pop back up, then hop and slap a metal bar six inches above your head. That’s one rep. Collapse, then jump. Easy. “Over in Europe,” somebody says, “some guy just did 161.”

Group CrossFit

Packed into this converted garage, there are girls that warm up with your max, and guys that max with your car. High ceilings, no mirrors, stacks of weights, piles of medicine balls, and an average of 7% body fat. The room is hot with bodies, and there’s that fried chicken smell of sweat, pumped through industrial air conditioners, mixed with the smell of week-old snow bank coming in from the open garage door. Six people compete at a time, and the other 30 people cheer. Some yell encouragement, some just yell. The stereo is up so loud, it’s hard to tell what song is playing.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 - 12:00am Dave Reuss

From multi-national companies to local brands, this famous tradeshow in downtown Salt Lake City gives just about everyone in the outdoor industry a chance to demo products, make connections, and otherwise have a damn good time. And after a grueling 7 hour drive (only getting pulled over twice for ‘allegedly’ speeding),Crowd at the Outdoor Retailer Expo 2010 we rolled into Mormon-central, ready to join the throng and soak in all the cutting-edge toys from the best outdoor companies.

As soon as I rode the main escalator down and stepped on to the convention floor, my jaw dropped and my eyes went wide. The Salt Palace, which boasts over 500,000 square feet of exhibition space, was absolutely packed, overflowing with extravagant booths touting the latest and greatest in outdoor gear. This year, the show boasted over 40,000 visitors and nearly 800 brands, 170 of those being new companies.

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