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Monday, January 2, 2012 - 11:00pm Dave Reuss

All photos by Chris Ebeling

Stretching a cavernous 1,500 feet from the top of Chet’s Knob to Tippy’s Tumble, Big Sky Resort’s Twin Zip spans their entire base area. But such sprawling magnitude isn’t the only Big Sky Twin Zipbennie of this new zipline—with two lines right next to each other, you can race your friends through the sky. Big Sky recently invited the O/B crew to check out their latest skyline traverse; after a short trek up the hill and a quick ride on the magic carpet, we were ready to zip.

As soon as the staff gave us the go-ahead, I leapt and rocketed through the sky, laughing and experimenting with different tucked positions trying to gain the lead against my competition, cheered on by hot-tub revelers below. Numerous head-to-head races followed, each getting more competitive. By the time we were done, mistakes had been made, luck had broken stalemates, and a hierarchy had been established… paving the way for much gloating and trash-talking throughout the rest of the evening.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009 - 12:00am Dave Reuss

Ready for the Zip Line in Big Sky You’ve double-checked every piece of safety gear, but your stomach still drops out every time you leap into the void. There’s always that split second of uncertainty just before the line catches and you rocket off through the trees at 25 miles per hour, 50 feet off the forest floor. The O.B. crew headed to Big Sky recently to check out the newly installed zip-line, so with five digital cameras and a bevy of Southern housewives (they showed up separately, I promise), we took to the skies.

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