Caroline Miller, June 2015

The Lookout
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Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 2:37pm Caroline Miller

Skiing a Bridger Range classic on the summer solstice.

“Caroline? Caroline?! It’s 4:15 – time to go.” I heard him but couldn't quite make sense of what he was saying. The blanket of stars that had lulled me to sleep on the banks of Fairy Lake were fading, and I forced myself from the warmth of my sleeping bag and went to wake the others. “Want to catch the sunrise, girl?” I said to a friend.  “Hell no,” she shot back, rolling over. After a little coercion, three more in the group of seven gathered their things and headed out of camp. As we left the lake, a friend grabbed my arm.  “It looks sketchy, Caroline, don’t be stupid up there.” Worst-case scenario, it’s a sweet sunrise hike with a little training weight, I figured.

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