Al Parker, Hunting

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Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 2:47pm Al Parker

A hunting story.

It’s cold for early September and snowing. Pushed a few inches off the rocks when I crossed the creek. It’s still early and dark at the bottom of the steep canyon. The switchbacks start up the canyon wall, rising above the forest and away from the creek. My dog is with me. Not really a bird dog, though she is a lab mix. Probably the runt of the litter. We put her in a milk crate between the kids in the backseat the day we picked her up. She’s six months old now. This is her second hunt, and we're climbing into the mountains to find mountain grouse: blues, ruffies, spruce, and Franklins. I’m glad she’s with me in the dark forest, leaving her wee paw prints in the snow.

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