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Montana’s backcountry is a dreamland for skiers, snowmobilers, and ice-climbers, but sometimes, things go south. Read more >>
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By the numbers. 
Gallatin River Runoff, Bozeman, Montana
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The Gallatin River is our backyard playground—we fish it, paddle it, swim it, hunt it, meander it. Come spring, it’s more dynamic than ever, waking from a season-long slumber, roaring to life once again. Here are some facts and figures about Bozeman’s beloved local waterway.  Read more >>
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It’s spring, and you know what that means: it’s time to load up the car and take a road-trip to your favorite climbing, biking, or trail-running destination. Here are some stats to consider as you plan your next journey. Read more >>
Region 3 Elk Harvest, Montana
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Montana boasts some of the healthiest elk populations in the country—that’s why so many folks flock here to Read more >>
Off-Limits Public Land, Inaccessible Public Land
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Montana's inaccessible public land.
Montana Recreation
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We’ve all heard the accolades from national publications about the outdoor paradise that is Bozeman and Montana in general. Read more >>
Hunting Injuries, Montana
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Guns can be deadly, and hunters should always adhere to the strictest safety standards. But shooting really isn’t as dangerous as you may think, and many other activities are far more so. Here are some numbers to think about.  Read more >>
Growth Map
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Gallatin Valley By the Numbers.
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~43,000,000: total runners in the U.S.26.1: miles the typical runner logs in one week85: days per year the typical runner runs13%: increase in outdoor running participation since last year Read more >>
Tina Orem
$3.7 million: highest bid (unaccepted) for "Samson," a fossilized T. Rex offered in a Las Vegas auction in October$5 million - $8 million: estimated purchase price for Samson one month later Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
88%: trout’s chance of survival if exhaustively exercised62%: trout’s chance of survival if exhaustively exercised and held out of the water for 30 seconds Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
87: reported avalanche incidents in our area last winter21: people caught in avalanches9: partial burials3: full burials3: fatalities35: total avalanche fatalities last year in the U.S.0: days the avalanche danger was rated "low" during the entire season Read more >>
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69,567: Miles of highways, roads, and streets in Montana (2006)1,952,737: Registered cars, trucks, and buses in Montana (2006)25: Number of "structurally deficient bridges" in Montana, per U.S. Dept. of Transportation Read more >>
37.1: Average number of people who die in U.S. skiing/snowboarding accidents (per year) 86.4: Percentage of 2006/2007 fatalities that were male 80: Percentage of women who will become widows at some point in life Read more >>
St. Thomas, Mike
947 - Total number of Yellowstone bison killed this past winter3,500 – number of bison in Yellowstone herd, according to a March 2006 estimate by Park officials Read more >>
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