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Sheets, Jenny
Volunteering at local races
Pogge, Drew
Outdoor gear companies like Simms, Mystery Ranch, Sitka, Oboz, and Spark R&D already Read more >>
Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance
Meghan O'Neal
Countless conservation efforts exist for Montana’s big game: elk, deer, and sheep all have organizations devoted to their continued wellbeing and population balance. But what about the mountain goat? Read more >>
O'Neal, Meghan
When you look at the tree-covered mountains of Montana, you can’t help but notice patches of red scarring the green hillsides: these are whitebark pines, and they’re dying at an alarming rate. Read more >>
Douglas, Jemma
On the northeast side of town lies a tract of land once integral to Bozeman’s industrial development, but it has gone to seed in recent years: the buildings are rotting and prior improvements made to the land are slowly degrading. Read more >>
Bozeman Ice Tower
Douglas, Jemma
The idea was fantastic, the progress has been slow, and now everyone is confused about whether it’s actually going to happen. Conrad Anker’s pet project—a proposed $1-3 million ice climbing tower—hasn’t seen much headway in the past year. Read more >>
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Overton, Mitch
The beloved Bozeman summer… are you stand-up paddleboarding yet? Kayaking? Fly fishing? Going to beer and food tastings with other happy Bozemanites? If your answer is no, we can help. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Montana lawmakers recently voted against a bill that would have amended current trespassing laws and enhanced access to public land for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. The House Judicial Committee tabled the “Corner Crossing Bill” on January 30. Read more >>
Overton, Mitch
Spring in Bozeman is filled with the feeling of fresh opportunity. Whether it’s getting out the boat, bike, climbing gear, fishing rod, or camper, this is the season for some new adventure. Read more >>
Proemm, Diana
They wait all year for ski season to come around—sometimes they’ll even ask in the middle of summer when they can ski again. Once the slopes finally open, they arrive with huge smiles and excitement in their eyes. Read more >>
Peterson, Erik
The pitter-patter of feet near dawn surprised me. Sure, I knew Ethiopia was home to fast runners; I just didn't expect anyone else to be out running on the side streets of the capital city in the dark. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
Summer’s back—and as usual, there are more activities and events than hours in the day. With so much going on, you’ll need to plan ahead and choose carefully. Here’s an insider’s look at the best of the best.Shopping Read more >>
England, Mike
With more races than a Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie family picnic, southwest Montana’s got your competitive back covered this season—the only trouble is choosing which ones to enter. Here are three we like. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
The Museum of the Rockies is once again harnessing southwest Montana’s love of fishing to benefit their Yellowstone Children’s Discovery Center, at the second annual TwoFly fundraiser. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Think you know your way around Bozeman? Two dollars says you don’t. The Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) just released its Bozeman Trail Map, showcasing its Main Street to the Mountains program and over 20 years of hard work. Read more >>
England, Mike
Last year, Manhattan, MT–based Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) brought dozens of injured veterans from around the country to southwest Montana to ski, ice climb, snowmobile, and dogsled to their hearts’ content. Read more >>
Jones, Andrea
With spring in the air, it’s time to look ahead at improving the hunter experience and preparing Montana youth to hunt safely. Application Deadline Changes Read more >>
Western, Sally
In the mid-1970s, a Delaware shoe repairman named Steve Schnee and his wife Jean packed all their worldly possessions into a Plymouth Valiant and headed west, in hopes of acquiring a new business somewhere between Ohio and California. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
Local author and jack-of-all-trades Greg Keeler has been a busy man: in the past year, he’s published five books, among them his first novel and four volumes of poems, with four of the books featuring Keeler’s own artwork. Read more >>
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