Summer 2011 How Far Will You Go?

Summer 2011 How Far Will You Go?

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From braving the icy chill of Antarctica to navigating the ancient ruins of Macchu Picchu, intrepid Bozemanites circled the globe with their favorite rag in hand, sending us their best images from far and wide. The best photo comes from Brian Citro, during his camelback tour of Cairo. As the big winner, Brian scores a $100 gift certificate to F-11 Photographic—now the next time he heads abroad, we’ll expect an even better image. Best letter goes to Sydney Resel, who wowed his African friends with a copy of Outside Bozeman and the terrifying landscape it apparently evoked. Brian gets his pick from the fabled O/B Treasure Chest. Congrats, fellas, and to the rest of you fine, worldly inhabitants of this lovely mountain town: remember that no properly packed suitcase is complete without a trusty copy of O/B. To view all the photo submissions, visit our How Far Gallery

Best Photo: Brian Citro

Best Letter: Sydney Resel
My work as a video-camera operator took me to Zimbabwe, Africa. I was documenting a woman who is trying to be the second female ever to get the “Big Five” with a bow: lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros—the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot, and well known for the high degree of danger involved. On the last day of our trip, I decided to kick back and enjoy reading the spring issue of Outside Bozeman, and of course get a photo for the How Far Will You Go contest. The Africans were completely enthralled, looking at the photos and asking me all sorts of awesome questions. I showed them the photo of a fly fisherman waist-deep in the water (pg. 38) and told them I love to do this kind of fishing. “WHAT! Isn’t that so dangerous—won’t the crocs kill you!?” they asked, incredulous. Wow, I starting thinking—how blessed we are to be able to enjoy the rivers and mountains like we do with little fear. Then they saw the Best Snow-Covered Car contest photos and they couldn’t believe it! They were in shock and said, “How can you survive?” I just laughed, because here we were in Africa on an 18-day journey eating old kudu liver that hadn’t been refrigerated for weeks and facing danger every hour of the day with numerous close calls. We’d been charged by huge angry elephants to within ten yards, we almost stepped on a six-foot croc hiding in the tall grass, there were deadly snakes everywhere and Malaria-laden mosquitoes buzzing around us, and we had at least three leopards living and watching us right in our camp. Not 30 minutes before they asked how we survived in Montana, two large male lions walked right over our tracks a few minutes behind us and were still in the grass somewhere around us. They think we’re crazy for where and how we live and can’t believe we survive, while I am thinking the whole time how crazy they are for how they live!

Runners-Up (in order of priority/placement):
Paul Gaffney, Marguerite Bay, Antarctica
Nate Emer, Verdun, France
Kim Steiner, Macchu Picchu, Peru
Ryszard Antonczyk, Tsakhkadzor, Armenia
Scott Stevenson, Las Rocas, Costa Rica
Steffany Kay, Chiloé Island, Chile
Kirk, Jeana & Brett Paulson, Bonaire, Caribbean
Nina Rossetto, Grand Canyon, AZ
Jim Klug, Zanzibar, Africa

Melanie Ployhar, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Allen Milley, Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Ian Davis (Capt. Keith Paar), Los Roques, Venezuela
Jeff Jones, Argentina
Joanne MacCartney, Roatan, Honduras
Friederike Klotz, Fukuoka, Japan
RohDog & Sally Livingstone and unknown photo bomber, Queensland, Australia
Brook Daly, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
John Tarver Bailey, Sri Lanka
Ethan and Cristin Stokes, Cabuya, Costa Rica

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