True Stories of Bear Attacks: Who Survived & Why

True Stories of Bear Attacks: Who Survived & Why

Litwin, Ryan
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by Mike Lapinksi - Portland, OR
West WInds Press, 2004 - 224 pages

Mike Lapinski has succeeded in writing a book that will most likely save someone’s life. Hardly another collection of hair-raising accounts of bear attacks, True Stories of Bear Attacks: Who Survived and Why is an in-depth look at what causes these confrontations. Instead of just frightening boy scouts around a campfire, this book is more of a journalistic look at a number of attacks, followed by bear safety tips and information on avoiding bear encounters as related to each instance. With society steadily encroaching on this magnificent animal’s habitat, bear encounters are on the rise and unfortunately a number of these encounters escalate into aggressive attacks. Lapinski shows us that this is
usually avoidable and discusses in depth how we can give the Great Bear a little respect so that everyone, including the grizzly, can survive a confrontation.

Lapinski is also a huge advocate of bear spray and talks in depth about its considerable advantages, even going so far as to simulate a bear attacking and to allow himself to be sprayed in the face with UDAP’s Pepper Power bear spray. (This is not advisable to any normal human, but as we all know outdoor writers can hardly be considered normal.) This book is a very interesting read and is full of great information for anyone recreating in grizzly country. You can purchase this book and get more bear safety tips online at

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