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Kirk, Karin
The grownup's guide.
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Tucker, David
If time’s short and all you can spare is a single day, point the car east and head for Red Lodge. Be sure to get an early start: it’s about a 2.5-hour drive. On the way out of town, stop by Sola Café for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Read more >>
Van Hooser, David Theron
Moguls are your friends.
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LeGrand, Alex
All about the ACL.
Learn 2 Ski, Montana skiing
Karin Kirk
A closer look at common skiing lore.
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Ryan Krueger
Ski hills near Bozeman. With incredible terrain and two world-class ski hills within an hour’s drive, this place will change your life—here’s a quick rundown of what our area has to offer Read more >>
Jenny Sheets
Around the holidays at any ski resort, you can bet your can of Montucky that a middle-aged Midwestern man wearing jeans and a Packers sweatshirt is going to come barreling out of the trees with three kids in tow yelling, “Oh sure, you betcha’—fresh tracks!” With his hair flapping around reflectiv Read more >>
Ryan Krueger
How to be a dirtbag. 
Herzog, Tim
Every sport has its own unique mental components. In a sport like golf, we control the pace of much of the action, but in a sport like freestyle skiing, with its aerials and moguls, the pace is so fast that skiers are that much more at the mercy of the mountain. Read more >>
Christine Rogel
Every so often, a blue light flashes on top of the Baxter Hotel, alerting anyone within view of the tallest building in Bozeman that snow is falling at Bridger Bowl. Read more >>
Goodman, Cameron
Winter’s just around the corner, and it’s a given that dedicated skiers in southwest Montana will hunt down a few turns before the season gets started. Read more >>
Corinne Garcia
There are some places that many women try to avoid, and let’s face it, a locker room full of sweaty guys—along with their stinky, unwashed capilene—is one of them. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Montana is known for its big skies and even bigger skiing, but how did it all start? Downhill in Montana (Pictorial Histories, $25) features hundreds of detailed photos and documents detailing the birth and development of skiing in Montana. Read more >>
Yost, Aaron
I turn my face skyward to soak in a little reassurance before I cross into the Ridge’s shadow. I’m riding the Pierre’s Knob chair at Bridger Bowl by myself on a weekday. Read more >>
Bridger Bowl, Schlasman's, Bozeman
Brian Thompson
From the time of the proposed boundary expansion at Bridger Bowl to the moment I first arrived at the Schlasman’s lift line, I was nothing but ecstatic. But in the minutes leading up to my first ride, I began to waver. It was then that I thought about what "Slushman’s" really was. Read more >>
Rich Perkins
With the addition of the new Schlasman’s (this is the original and proper spelling, not “Slushman’s”) Lift, Bridger Bowl will boast a 311-acre expansion past the old south boundary. Because it's classified as “Ridge Terrain,” avalanche transceivers are required. Read more >>
DeLeo, Victor
At our home mountain in southern Montana, even on the cloudiest day, we always knew our way. But on that morning at Fernie Alpine Resort, I felt a little shaky. The clouds hooded the lift towers. From the chair, we could barely see the skiers below. Read more >>
Mike St. Thomas
When Big Sky and Bridger reluctantly close in April, have no fear: there’s still one more weekend of fun before area ski bums should start looking for warm-weather jobs. Every year in early to mid-April, Cooke City hosts its annual Sweet Corn Festival. Read more >>
Herrin, Nick
A stem turn is a great trick for skiers of all levels. It can be used to help start a turn that you’re uncertain about, or help you catch your balance when the snow conditions throw you off. Read more >>
Après Ski, Bozeman
Shannon Kelley
Where to go before going home.
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