Big Sky Wind Drinkers, Jungle Bell Jog, Bozeman, Running
Wangmo Tenzing
Winter running in the Bozone. 
fall, races, fun runs, Bozeman
Drew Hulse
Fall's races and fun runs. 
running, marathon, ennis
Travis Wilson
Lessons from a mountain marathon. 
running, races, 5k
Maggie Slepian
Five not-so-long races. 
Jim Bridger Run, Bozeman, Montana
Maury Wiegand
Take your running to the trails. So, this is the year that you’re going to start trail running. As a lover of all Gallatin Valley trails, I’m here to help, with some assistance from a panel of expert trail enthusiasts. Read more >>
Huffing for Stuffing, Gallatin Valley Food Bank
Brayton, Lea
Ten years of Huffing for Stuffing.
Baldy Blitz, Bozeman
Brayton, Lea
Must-do seasonal races.“It’s not important how fast one runs, but that one runs.”—Ed Anacker, co-founder of the Big Sky Wind Drinkers Read more >>
Photo by Matt Parsons
Coles, Franklin
Earning Montana at the Baldy Blitz
Bridger Range
Dr. Lou Walters
How Outside Bozeman got me to run the Ridge Run.“You have to write an essay,” said a local runner. We were talking about registering for the Ridge Run. She had been completely coherent up until this statement. I began to assess her for a stroke. Read more >>
Tour De Hyalite
Dave Reuss
The annual Tour de Hyalite.
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Reuss, Dave
The last of the sky’s bruised-purple tint has faded to black, and now it’s anywhere from eleven at night to four in the morning. The miles and hours pile on top of each other until it’s impossible to tell what time it is. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
The sun is shining, the birds are singing—and Bozemanites everywhere are warming up at starting lines around the state. To help you decide how to spend your speedy summer, here are three of our favorite races.BozeMonster Challenge Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Now that the snow is finally melting, it’s time to start training for the panoply of races around southwest Montana. This summer, the majority of the O/B staff will be competing in the Madison Trifecta, which features three races of increasing difficulty. Read more >>
Peterson, Erik
The pitter-patter of feet near dawn surprised me. Sure, I knew Ethiopia was home to fast runners; I just didn't expect anyone else to be out running on the side streets of the capital city in the dark. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
A sprawling mass of letters, newspapers, photos, and scribbled, scrap-paper notes covers Kay Newman’s kitchen table. A thick three-ring binder plops down with a thud. Read more >>
England, Mike
With more races than a Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie family picnic, southwest Montana’s got your competitive back covered this season—the only trouble is choosing which ones to enter. Here are three we like. Read more >>
Sundborg, Caitlin
And they call it puppy love… On May 19, team up with Bozeman Canine Classic for the K9 9K, a dog party, mixed-species footrace, and alliterative palindrome all in one. Read more >>
Metrick, Dee
Every Thanksgiving morning, I stand at the starting line of the Huffing for Stuffing race and wonder if my beak is straight, if my feathers are falling off, and if I’ll stay warm and itch-free. You see, I’m the official female turkey. And how I got here is quite a story. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
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