Shooting, Ammunition, Lead exposure, Copper Ammunition, Health
John Cataldo
Switching to copper rounds. 
Long-Range Shooting, Hunting
Bill Wood
Musings on long-range hunting. 
Mike England
An opportunity to aim a little higher. 
Granite Creek Range, Tobacco Roots Mountains, Montana Hunting
Mike England
Repentance and redemption at the Granite Creek Range. Read more >>
Bill Schneider
I’m not a gun nut. I’m a regular nut who owns guns, but only to hunt, not to defend my home and family, join the militia or fight the forces of tyranny.Gun nuts don’t scare or intimidate me. Instead, I’m learning a few things from them. You can, too. Read more >>
Granite Creek, Target Shooting, Montana
the editors
Where to sight in your rifle. 
Public Lands, Stewardship, Public Access
Zach Mills
A plea for better stewardship. 
Hyalite Shooting Ban, Custer-Gallatin National Forest, Bozeman
Mike England
Target-shooting in Hyalite.
Leupold RX-1200i
England, Mike
For a compact rangefinder that reaches out past 1,000 yards and doesn't require two hours of prep time with the manual, check out the Leupold RX-1200i TBR/W. That's a lot of letters and numbers, for sure, but the name is as arcane as this product gets. Read more >>
Rifle Remodel, Montana Hunting
Mike England
There are many like it, but this one is (still) mine. Read more >>
shooting in MT, spring shooting, silencers, Outside Bozeman
England, Mike
Suppressors aren't just for spies and assassins anymore.  Read more >>
Anne L. Miller
Shooting ain't just for the boys.
Reuss, Dave
There’s a reason the founding fathers made the right to bear arms number two on the list: guns are incredible. Read more >>
Carty, Dave
I knew something wasn’t working, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. The presentation came from two traps hidden in the trees to my right. The first clay pigeon—a hard, right/left crosser—passed in front of me in a flat, low arc, and it was smoking. Read more >>
England, Mike
If you’re shopping for a new turkey blaster—or just want to ogle all the cool guns on the market—pick up a copy of the Firearms Multimedia Guide (Impressum Media, $30) and prepare to spend several hours in a desirous daze. Read more >>
Drew Pogge
An old hunting rifle,Burled walnut and blued steel,An old friend that comes outJust once a year.You wipe it with oil, Hold it in your hands,You think of past hunts,And of your old man.He gave you this rifle, Read more >>
Cameron Goodman
I’ll never forget when my neighbor lent me his .22 so I could practice shooting in my backyard. Every day it was all I wanted to do. Then my dad bought me a .243, and I couldn’t wait to take it home and practice for the upcoming season. Read more >>
Orms, R. Kent
More than just hitting what you aim at, shooting well is about hitting that mark under all conditions. It’s about killing your quarry as quickly and humanely as possible. It’s about being confident with your shooting in the clutch, when the adrenaline is pumping and the wind is howling. Read more >>
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