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Slepian, Maggie
Before a hunting excursion, mountaineering expedition, or even a simple road trip, there’s a certain romance in spreading out a map and plotting your journey. Read more >>
Stone, Robert
Hiking distance: 10 miles round tripHiking time: 6 hoursElevation gain: 3,400 feetMaps: U.S.G.S. Dexter Point and Mount Cowen Read more >>
Flannery, Joseph
Nothing deters backpackers from the Bechler more than the bugs. A handful of Deet and a quick pace might shield you along the trail from the ranger station to the edge of Bechler Meadows, but no further. Read more >>
Harris, Emily
With my two dogs—Mr. Magoo, an American bulldog, and Molly, a mastiff/Catahoula mix—in the back of my hatchback, I pulled into the Dudley Creek trailhead in Gallatin Canyon. Not quite a mile down the trail, Molly wandered off in the underbrush and I had Mr. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
Wilderness is big and wild—untamed earth spanning space between populations and providing a place for us to reconnect with our lost landscapes. When the time comes to retreat into to the wild and live with the twigs, berries, and bears, which area has the goods? Read more >>
Photo by Ryan Krueger
England, Mike
What is it about white lines? Those winding strings of pearl, sinuous rills weaving down mountainsides, carving and cascading through rock like storm clouds harnessed to a rolling boulder. Read more >>
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Stone, Robert
The entire length of the Gneiss Creek Trail traverses 14 miles through the Madison Valley. The trail, which lies mostly within Yellowstone National Park, connects the Gallatin with Madison Canyon and the Madison River. Read more >>
Photo by Kene Sperry
Pogge, Drew
Live music is like nothing else. The sound is raw, the lights are blinding, the volume is cranked, and nothing tastes better than an $8 Bud Light after a couple of hours of jamming to your favorite band. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Every year, our corner of Montana braces for an endless caravan of RVs parading down toward Yellowstone, stopping in Livingston, Paradise Valley, and Gardiner along the way in vehicular atrocities larger than your house. Read more >>
Photo by Megan Paulson
Knight, Phil
There are a lot of annoying critters out there, both wild and domestic—packrats, mice, magpies, roosters, raccoons, possums, porcupines, and poodles to name a few. But as far as sheer destructiveness goes, nothing in my experience beats a marmot. Read more >>
Yellowstone Llamas
Wolf, Leeanna
The summer sun beats down on us on this early July morning in the parking lot. The trail sign reads “Daily Creek.” Four- and two-legged companions mill around the stock trailer, getting ready for the hike. Read more >>
Stoops, Kira
The day before Missoula’s 2012 GrizzlyMan Adventure Race, Team First Descents athletes Jordan Stoner and Josh Vandermeer were set to scram with $1,800 in pledges for First Descents, a non-profit that takes young adults with cancer on outdoor adventures. Read more >>
Phil Knight
So the lifts have closed and the rivers are cold, muddy, and blown out. Your yard looks like half of Bozeman tossed their dog leavings there, and it’s too cold and wet to break out the road bike. If you’ve got the time and gas money, head south for that ultimate slot canyon or desert river trip. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
Some of the best things in life are hidden in plain sight, and Paradise Valley’s Tom Miner Basin is definitely one of them. There’s the petrified forest containing 50-million-year-old trees frozen in time. Read more >>
Turiano, Thomas
The second-highest point in the Spanish Peaks is neither named nor assigned an elevation on any National Forest or USGS map. Read more >>
Stone, Robert
The Porcupine Creek Trail begins near the Gallatin River and climbs nine miles up to its headwaters in Onion Basin at the Gallatin-Yellowstone Divide. En route, the trail gains more than 3,000 feet to the basin and Gallatin Crest Trail along the ridge. Read more >>
Bilverstone, Bill
According to Robert Stone, author of Day Hikes Around Bozeman, Montana, “The Hyalite Creek Trail is considered the most spectacular hike in the Bozeman area.” And justifiably so. Read more >>
Thomas Turiano
After a successful ascent of Mount Blackmore in 1872, members of the Hayden Survey were very intrigued by the craggy gorge at the head of Middle Canyon, which is today’s Hyalite Canyon. Geologist Albert C. Read more >>
Mike England
If exploring the unknown on foot holds any appeal, open up Peakbagging Montana (Riverbend Publishing, $15) and prepare for a long summer—and a lifetime, for that matter—of vigorous outdoor adventure. Read more >>
Dave Reuss
Looking for something the whole family can enjoy? In about 30 minutes, you and your brood can be side-hilling up Storm Castle Peak, aka Castle Rock, a massive mountain of limestone that rises to 7,170 feet just inside the mouth of Gallatin Canyon. Read more >>
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