boating floating rowing fishing
E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
Getting suited for the proper vessel. 
trip planning preparation tips
the editors
Know before you go.
montana fish identification
the editors
Montana's prominent second-stringers.
montana fish identification
the editors
The species that reign supreme. 
fishing competition outside bozeman
Holden Sieler
A showdown of Montana waters.
fishing cast fly montana bozeman
Holden Sieler
Value through the eyes of an angler.
whitefish fish species sustainability
Niall Clancy
In defense of trashfish.
montana fishing road trip
the editors
A fun-filled weekend on us.
klymit fishing raft boat
Joshua Bergan
Weight and bulk usually prohibit boats at highland lakes, but that’s not the case with the Klymit Litewater Dinghy Read more >>
Public Lands, Stewardship, Public Access
Zach Mills
A plea for better stewardship. 
boating, safety
John Way
Water is a destructive element. Places like Bighorn Canyon, with thousand-foot cliffs carved by water, are a testament to its constant power. Read more >>
Bluegill, fishing, fish
Kurt Dehmer
Fishing is all about the tug on the other end of the line, regardless of the species biting. Read more >>
Kurt Dehmer
While most folks flock to Montana to fish for trout, there are a growing number of anglers in search of new quarry. Read more >>
service, Wounded Warriors, fishing
Jacob Henan
For almost 20 years, we’ve heard countless stories of wounded veterans returning from combat, only to face an uncertain future due to their newly-acquired injuries. By now, we all know that US service members return every day with life-changing wounds—both physical and psychological. Read more >>
Kurt Dehmer
As an outfitter and professional fishing guide, I’ve owned a handful of river craft over the years. Read more >>
Upper Madison, Fly Fishing, West Yellowstone
David Tucker
A warning from winter jumpstarts a fishing road-trip.  Read more >>
Keeper Tape
David Howlett
Why didn't I think of this? That's what came to mind as I applied Keeper Tape to my fly rod. This simple but handy product applies a self-adhesive, transparent measuring tape onto your fly rod, and can measure fish up to 36 inches. Read more >>
Montana Fishing Access—MountainWorks
Chris McCarthy
It’s not often that I don’t have my fishing gear with me, which can lead to me looking longingly at a nice little stream, wondering where I can legally access it. MountainWorks Software has eliminated that problem with the release of the Montana Fishing App. Read more >>
native trout, bozeman trout, Outside Bozeman, catch-and-kill
Jeff Kershner
Restoring native trout through catch-and-kill. 
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