Joshua Bergan
The ice is right.
David Howlett
Bigger gear for bigger fish. 
David Howlett
New gear from HT Enterprises.This winter, I decided to up my ice-fishing-gear game, and with the help of HT Enterprises' latest and greatest, I was able to do just that. Here's the stuff that's made it into my every-day rotation. Read more >>
Ice Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Joe King
Winter fishing reaches new heights. 
Joshua Bergan
Hole-hopping for wild walleyes.
Mike Howe
What is it about ice fishing that appeals to so many people, causing them to embrace the coldest months of the year? For many, myself included, it's that sense of accomplishment after they braved the elements and won. Read more >>
Winter Poetry, Montana Poetry
Jelinski, Jack
The ancient ritual is unknown to all but a chosen few,the strong, the bold, and the exceedingly bravewho tempt fate upon the frozen wasteswhere death awaitsin a final, terrible, dead-frozen grave.  Read more >>
Ice Fishing
Kurt Dehmer
All about the art of ice fishing. 
Molly Reed
Think fishing competitions are only for the summer? Think again—here are three ice-fishing derbies around southwest Montana this winter.January 26-27Lions Club Perch Ice Fishing Derby, Canyon Ferry Reservoir, Townsend  Read more >>
fishing, Hebgen, winter
Jimmy Lewis
The true force behind ice fishing is that it is better than no fishing at all. –Jim Harrison, “Ice Fishing, the Moronic Sport” Read more >>
Barnes, Alyssa
Hemingway once said, “Anyone can be a fisherman in May.” Fortunately for those of us in the Madison Valley, it’s pretty easy to be a fisherman the other 11 months of the year as well. Yes, even in January. All you need are a few simple tools, some warm clothes, and an open mind. Read more >>
Kurt Dehmer
Ice fishing in southwest Montana.
Lewis, Jimmy
“The true force behind ice fishing is that it is better than no fishing at all,” states renowned American author Jim Harrison in his essay “Ice Fishing, the Moronic Sport.” And while many may agree with the sentiments of this literary genius, it is worth considering that ice fishing, whether by m Read more >>
Greg Keeler
When we get to Canyon Ferry, the ice looks like it’s only an inch thick, so we drill a hole to check it and it’s four inches—maybe. Read more >>
McKee, Dave
Montana. To fishermen around the globe this word conjures images of rising trout, endless riffles, drag-free drifts, and spectacular mountain scenery. And while the trout probably rise as we speak and the riffles continue to run endlessly, there is, in fact, a bit more to the story. Read more >>
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