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Pogge, Drew
Hyalite's Twin Falls.
Hilary Heisen
Keeping the road open for everyone.
Josephson, Joe
Tips and techniques for a long, happy life of ice climbing.  Read more >>
Knoff, Eric
Ice climbing and avalanche safety in Bozeman's backyard playground. Read more >>
Knight, Phil
As you cruise through Paradise Valley in winter, the ragged summits of the Absaroka Range hang high in the frosty air. Venture off the highway up the backroads and witness winter ice transforming burbling creeks into hushed, magical channels of ever-changing texture and form. Read more >>
Josephson, Joe
With plastic ice, legendary climbers, and unmatched camaraderie, our biggest and best Fest yet has come to a close. Now in its 17th year, the Bozeman Ice Fest brought ice aficionados together from around the globe. Read more >>
Tapley, Peter
Once the domain of hardened alpinists, ice climbing has come a long way in its evolution and now anyone (thanks largely to modern equipment and Gallatin County snowplows) can enjoy a sense of adventure, complete with warming afternoon sun and hot cocoa between rounds on the vertical. Read more >>
Bozeman Ice Tower
Douglas, Jemma
The idea was fantastic, the progress has been slow, and now everyone is confused about whether it’s actually going to happen. Conrad Anker’s pet project—a proposed $1-3 million ice climbing tower—hasn’t seen much headway in the past year. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
There’s a lot of lingo in ice climbing: V-thread, spectres, frontpoint, flute, serac, and WI4, to name a few. Fresh off my first hard ice climb, the pain in my hands taught me another interesting phrase: screaming barfies. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Featuring the largest compilation of ice and mixed routes on the planet, Big Sky Ice (self-published, $35) outlines over 600 different frosty climbs. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
Intro to ice climbing.
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Peter Nelson
As we walked single-file along the trail beside Pine Creek, the distant sound of axes shattering ice could be heard piercing the mellow calm of a clouded winter day. Read more >>
Brad Beggs
11:00 am. It feels early. I squint my eyes and look through the bedroom window. It’s snowing. Lucian and I had planned on climbing today, but if there’s fresh powder at Bridger, he might want to ski. The phone rings. “Let’s go climbing,” he says. Read more >>
Becky Edwards
Every devout ice climber knows that autumn brings more than just golden aspens and pumpkin-carving. After the first frost hits you can pick “them” out, poking around drainage and falls around Hyalite, beaming like children on Christmas morning as the first few icicles begin forming. Read more >>
Vikander, Lauren
Big Timber native Joe Josephson was one of the first sponsored athletes invited to the Bozeman Ice Festival in 1997. “Jo-Jo”, as his friends know him, enjoyed the Read more >>
Ice Climbing, Hyalite, Avalanche
Ryan Minton
“Should we take the transceivers?” Caleb asks.“I don’t think we’ll need them,” I reply. “The snowpack seems pretty stable. Besides, if there’s a possibility of a slide, we just won’t climb.” Read more >>
Brad Carpenter
A cold trickle of ice water runs down my cheek, freezing me back into reality. I look upward into blue overhanging gobs of frozen water. Stupid. The ice water runs smack between my eyes and fills my right ear. I take a few steps to the side and drier ground. Read more >>
Smith, Ashley
Written by local Bozeman author and noted climber Ron Brunckhorst, Big Sky Ice: Montana Ice Climbs reads like a transcribed version of around-the-campfire stories, tips, and legends from local ice climbers. Read more >>
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