Wozer, Jeff
“Careful with that stick,” I warned Tanner, my five-year-old nephew, as he waved it wildly about like a symphony conductor testing a new baton. “Don’t worry,” assured Missy, my sister. “Tan wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Read more >>
Katie Barba
If you've had the misfortune of getting tangled up with a woman who isn't outdoorsy, then turn to Laura James’ book, The Girl’s Guide to Camping (Skyhorse Publishing, $15). It caters to the elusive anti-camping woman who fears the outdoors. Read more >>
Tina Orem
50 Recipes for camp and trail.
Tanner Strickland
Ranger cabins for every mood.
England, Mike
Crazy Crib LEX—CRAZY CREEK
Coble, Melynda
O how can it be that the ground does not sicken?How can you be alive, you growths of spring?How can you furnish health, you blood of herbs, roots, orchards, grain?Are they not continually putting distemper’d corpses within you? Read more >>
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