Robinson, Sarah
The rugged backcountry around Bozeman compels folks to partake of the fresh air and challenging terrain. Read more >>
Paulson, Megan
High on the Tibetan Plateau, the Yangtze River sits at an elevation of 12,000–14,000 feet; surrounding peaks tower at over 18,000 feet. Nomads still roam the region, and remote monasteries are commonplace. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
The last time I floated down the Madison, I was waist-deep in water, scuffing along the bottom in an underinflated, sinking kiddy pool. I had on far too little clothing given the circumstances and with both hands full of beer; navigation of such a vessel was simply out of the question. Read more >>
Garcia, Mike
Lots of rafts are showing up on Montana’s rivers lately, and with good reason. They’re fun, safe, stable, and take you places with friends. With all the choices out there, let’s take a look at what fits for our rivers. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
Montana’s many rivers offer some of the best opportunities for scenic, accessible recreation in the state. That being said, the general consensus among frequent river-users and guides is that these waterways are becoming increasingly crowded. Read more >>
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