Predator MX Kayak, Montana River Fishing, Outside Bozeman
Howlett, David
As a kayak-fisherman, I need a vessel that’s just as capable on lakes as it is in rivers. To my delight, I found the Predator MX from Old Town Canoe & Kayak, engineered from bow to stern to be the ultimate mixed-water fishing platform. Read more >>
kayaking, open boating, whitewater
Kennedy, Kevin
Springtime’s free (indoor) outdoor-recreation opportunity for MSU students. Read more >>
Kayak Fishing, Montana rivers, Outside Bozeman
Howlett, David
An introduction to kayak-fishing.
Ransom, Katie
Kayaking destinations for beginners
the editors
Water churning over rocks, tumbling over falls, and eddying quietly behind boulders—there’s nothing more powerful or beautiful than spring runoff in the mountains. Read more >>
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Overton, Mitch
The beloved Bozeman summer… are you stand-up paddleboarding yet? Kayaking? Fly fishing? Going to beer and food tastings with other happy Bozemanites? If your answer is no, we can help. Read more >>
Photo by Bill Bilverstone
Schroeder, Dave
The boat slices through the last standing wave and carves smoothly into the placid eddy on my right. The thrill of the upstream rapids courses through my veins while I slowly spin in the calm water. Read more >>
Herzog, Tim
You’ve run shuttle and you’re sliding into your boat at the put-in. The water level is about what you expected and you can see the entry to the first rapid, remembering that you need to start left and then cut right after the big hole. Read more >>
Current streamflows for all of Montana's rivers:
Wetlaufer, Karl
Now that winter has come to a close, it’s time to start thinking about hitting the rivers again—and all signs are pointing towards a fantastic paddling season. Read more >>
Paulson, Megan
High on the Tibetan Plateau, the Yangtze River sits at an elevation of 12,000–14,000 feet; surrounding peaks tower at over 18,000 feet. Nomads still roam the region, and remote monasteries are commonplace. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
With the possible exception of road cyclists (see “Living with Lycra,” Summer 2009, and my subsequent stacks of hate mail), whitewater kayakers—and playboaters, most of all—are perhaps the most visibly flamboyant, linguistically challenged, and cognitively "distinct" group of outdoors-people in t Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
Some days you’re feeling flush, some days you’re getting flushed—that’s the way it works. But more often than not, when I get near a kayak, it’s one of those “getting flushed” sort of days. Read more >>
Schroeder, Dave
Tao Berman is the most successful and dominant whitewater kayaker of all-time—just ask him. Read more >>
Rogers, Patrick
The first time I saw Ben Selznick, Brad Ludden, and Nick Turner hurling themselves down the astounding creeks and rivers of Montana on the big screen of a Teton Gravity Research movie, I said to myself, “I want to go there and do what those guys are doing.” It’s easy to follow the footsteps of so Read more >>
Fast, Annie
It all started in the Crazy Mountains northeast of Bozeman in the spring of 1999. It was here that Pro kayaker Ben Selznick and MSU film school graduate Arden Oksanen first teamed up as athlete and cinematographer. Read more >>
Mistretta, Jeremy
The seasons have changed. The death of winter has brought flourished life to the mountains, canyons, and valleys. Alpine moisture has changed from a solid to a liquid form. Sporting enthusiasts have also changed their form, from snow sliders, to river riders. Read more >>
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