Rollin' in Flow

Mountain Biking, Chestnut Mountain, Bozeman

Rollin' in Flow

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Angie Mangels

Bike reviews for all-mountain riders.

It's no secret that mountain biking is booming, but with all the brands and different styles, buying a new rig can be intimidating. Thanks to the Gear Wizard, I recently got to check out two 27.5” bikes, the Breezer Repack Pro and the Devinci Troy XP. Both fit into the all-mountain/enduro category (a bike that has plenty of uphill capability combined with lots of plush travel for bombing back down) and both are powerhouses that are right at home on our area trails. Here are some highlights of each.

Devinci Troy XP
This bike reminded me of my XC bike, from which I recently upgraded. It felt both solid and agile, handling all obstacles with confidence. The versatile 27.5” wheels make for instant comfort from the first pedalstroke. It climbs well, especially in the lockout mode, and even though it has less travel – 150/140mm – than some of the others in this category, it flies right over rocks on the downhill. The split-pivot suspension system is what makes this bike shine. The suspension works with you to provide power right when you need it, has the sensitivity to make the transitions feel seamless, and provides solid braking when you need it most. This bike feels very responsive going both uphill and down, and at just under 30 pounds, it’s a great option in the all-mountain category. Cool Feature: Made in Quebec by a dedicated and tight-knit team that cares about quality. Available at Gear Wizard. $3,300;

Devinci Troy, Mountain Biking Montana

Breezer Repack Pro
The Breezer is a beast of a bike and with 160mm of travel, it rides like one, eating up roots and rocks like nobody’s business. With the revolutionary MLink rear-pivot point located in the center of the chainstay, it knows how to make use of its suspension system to bring the action under your feet where you want it. This link system, created in partnership with the Sotto Group, provides a ton of power to your pedalstroke, making you forget how heavy the bike is (30-33lbs.), and allowing you to climb hard and fast even when the shock is in downhill mode. The frame is designed by Joe Breeze and takes full advantage of the 27.5” wheel size geometry, which translates into an agile bike that flows right through turns with style. This bike runs on the large size – I found myself sizing down from my normal medium to a small, and I wouldn’t recommend this bike for a smaller rider. Cool Feature: Named for the first recorded mountain-bike race, the Repack. Racing their old bikes down a twisty dirt road in California inspired Charlie Kelly and Joe Breeze to build the first true mountain bike in the late 1970s, which blazed the trail for a new sport. Available at Gear Wizard. $3,570;

Breezer Repack Pro

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