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Gear Up

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Mangels, Angie

Women's biking apparel.

For me, warm weather and nice days mean only one thing: time to get out on the bike and hit up our area trails. While it's possible to ride and have fun in any old athletic shorts and a tanktop, gear can make a difference,  and the right kit can vastly improve your experience. Here are some women’s-specific products that will get you through your ride in style and comfort.





Pearl Izumi MTB Barrier Jacket, Bozeman Mountain Biking

Pearl Izumi MTB Barrier Jacket
When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s best to have an extra layer stowed away. The MTB Barrier Jacket is so lightweight that it scrunches up to almost nothing, making it easy to fit into your over-stuffed pack. This jacket may feel thin but protects like a champ against wind and quick rain showers. The abrasion panels on the sleeves are a great addition for protecting high-friction areas. Sizing seems to run small, so try it on before buying. $80;

Pearl Izumi Superstar Skirt, Bozeman Mountain Biking

Pearl Izumi Superstar Skirt
I’m partial to riding in a skirt, because why not? It’s a way better option than the Lycra look, they vent well, and they facilitate easier trailhead changes. The Superstar Skirt, with its removable chamois short liner, is my first choice on any ride. I like how the skirt splits on both sides, making sure it never gets caught on your bike, and with the removable liner, I can rotate out my chamois shorts for different days. The wide waistband is comfortable and stays put, plus includes a small stash pocket on the back. $75;

Pearl Izumi PRO Gel Vent Glove, Bozeman Mountain Biking

Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Gel Vent
Warm days out on the trail mean you need gloves that can keep up with you. That’s where the P.R.O. Gel Vent comes into play. With as much venting as possible integrated into the design, they do their best to keep you cool on hot, dry climbs. The unique ventilated gel padding in the palms plus mesh fabric on the backs make these gloves a better venting option than any others out there. $45;

Osprey Raven 10 Pack, Bozeman Mountain Biking

Raven 10—Osprey
I’m always impressed by the quality of details that are put into every Osprey pack that I’ve used. The women’s- and bike-specific Raven 10 keeps that tradition going with well-thought-out features that support any length of ride, such as an integrated 3-liter hydration system, a roll-out detachable tool pouch, an outside helmet attachment, and stretchy exterior stash pockets. Osprey’s BioStretch Harness makes sure the pack sits just right on your back through any twist and turn. $130;

Five Ten Impact VXI

5.10 Impact VXI
If you already ride flats or you're thinking about switching, I would highly recommend investing in what I call “sticky shoes.” The Impact VXI is a good example of what I mean. With a stealth Mi6 rubber sole, they stick to your pedals with a tenacity only outdone by actually being clipped in. These skater-style shoes give you control and confidence-inspiring stability all ride long. $160;

Wigwam Cool Lite Crew

Wigwam Ultra Cool Lite Crew
Though billed as a light hiking sock that's meant to keep your feet dry and cool, I’ve found that the Ultra Cool Lite Crew sock is great for biking. Just the right amount of cooling technology and padding has me reaching for these on most rides. The taller crew height also helps to protect your shins while out on the trail. $14;

Chamois Butt'r Her, Chamois Butt'r, Mountain Biking Bozeman

Chamois Butt’r Her’
Anything that helps out with chaffing while on the bike is a great tool to utilize. The all-natural ingredients that make up Chamois Butt’r Her’ are specifically developed with the female rider in mind. Meant to be applied liberally to your skin and chamois, or any spot where there is friction, this stuff can make you feel more comfortable and soothe irritated skin when the heat turns up on your ride. I find this product especially useful for the beginning of the riding season before I’ve worn in my sit bones. $18;




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