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Wilderness Study Areas, Bozeman, Montana
Wilderness gets no second chances. “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”—Winston ChurchillMy dad is a fan of home projects, and as a result, I spent much of my youth digging holes, holding boards, mixing concrete, or running power tools when I’d much rather have been riding my bike, or swimming, or exploring the woods. But...
Ultra-lightweight shoes may be all the rage these days, but kick a rock head-on with those paper-thin booties and you’ll be limping back to the trailhead, wishing you'd saved your ninja slippers for the dance floor. Not so with the Oboz Bridger Low, a super-strong, semi-rigid, low-cut trail boot that keeps your foot safe and snug no matter what...
The Montana Wave, Backroads, Montana Highways
This summer, lighten up. After the long slosh and skid of winter finally recedes, the sudden profusion of thawed tarmac, green valleys, and snow-capped vistas cannot but tickle already itchy feet. On any given summer day, the eager outdoorspeople rise with the lark before the rest of the neighborhood can sully their personal patch of national...



Jun 14th, Jun 21st, Jun 28th
Location: Bozeman Running Company, BozemanTime: 6pmCost: FREEDetails: Join the Bozeman Running Company for an in-town group training run. Details here. 
Jun 15th, Jun 22nd, Jun 29th
Location: 605 N. Wallace #2, Bozeman Time: 5-7pmCost: FREEDetails: Grab a free pint and talk shop at Alter Cycles with other mountain-bike community members. Details here. 
Jun 23rd
Location: Bozeman Public Library Time: 9am – 3pm Cost: FREE Details: Test dozens of models from several different brands, all for free. Details here. 

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